In the event that our supplier is not able to get any item, full refund will be made.


1. Sticker Set (2 in a set) $12

2. L-Folder Set (7 in a set) $22

3. Photo Set (6 in a set) $13

4. Eco Bag $12

5. Gold Team Hoodie (Seoul Limited Edition) [Size M/ L available] $81

6. Silver Team T-Shirt [Size M/ L available] $38

7. Silver Mask $12

8. Autographed One Shot Album (Random member, not inclusive of poster) $32

9. Whistle (upgraded) $13

10. Matoki Mobile Keyring & Sticker $22

11. Matoki Brooch & Sticker $22

12. Matoki Ring & Sticker $22

B.A.P Matoki Lightstick: refer to this post

B.A.P Matoki Calendar: refer to this post



  1. To whom do I make the payment to if I want to order?

    And how fast/long it’ll take to recieve the orders?
    And is there shipping?

    1. After placing orders, we’ll email you the payment details. Since our supplier is personally getting it from the concert venue, we should be able to receive the goods earliest by next week. Shipping cost is already included from Korea to Singapore but if you’re not living in Singapore, additional shipping fee is needed to ship to your country.

      1. Oh okay. So after when I place an order, you’ll give me the price of the whole thing and shipping cost too? (I’d also like to know asap please. I live in the United States)

      2. As mentioned previously, Shipping cost can only be determined after we receive the goods. but we’re only able to give you an estimation based on the goods you’ve ordered if you would really like to know.

  2. I’d like to place an order please!

    *2 whistles
    *1 Silver Mask
    *1 Eco Bag

    Please email about my oder as soon as possible^^

  3. If we don’t receive an email what do we have to do? Also, if you order two goods and you are only able to get one of them the order isn’t cancelled, is it? You are only going to refund the money from that goodie and the other will be send or how? ^^

    1. If you do not receive an email although we’ve replied everyone then please check your spam/junk email. Or else please email us to inform us that you did not receive it. Only the item that is out of stock will be refunded.

  4. Hi I wanna order !
    Hoodie(M size) x1
    Autographed album x1

    PS: If your supplier is unable to get the hoodie, can I have 2 albums instead. ?
    Please email me your account for transfer.

    Thanks !

  5. omgomg!!! i just found this website! i want a hoooodiiieee!!! pls pls pls.
    pls email me if youre taking more order! thank you!

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