How do I make an order?

Do you accept orders through twitter, texts or email?

  • No, ALL orders are to be made via the order form.

Which currency are the prices stated on your blog?

  • All prices stated on our wordpress are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Does the price stated include shipping fees?

  • All prices stated include shipping fees, from Korea/Japan to Singapore, unless otherwise stated.

Will my albums come with posters or first press bonus?

  • First press bonus items & posters are subject to availability.
  • In the event that there are not enough posters, it is given on first come first serve basis.

If I want to make payment via PayPal, do I have to pay the fees myself?

  • For payment via PayPal, PayPal fees should be paid by the customer.
  • We’re not liable for any transaction fees through PayPal.

Can I pay you and collect the items at the same time?

  • No, orders will only be made after payment is received by us.
  • Strictly no cash on delivery.

When should I make payment?

  • As soon as possible. Latest before the end of the pre-order deadline.
  • Payment has to be in by the pre-order deadline, 10pm.
  • Otherwise your order will be shifted to the next pre-order.

I do not have a bank account. How can I make payment?

  • Pay using the cash acceptance machine or through the bank.

The prices stated are too expensive. Can it be cheaper?

  • NO. All prices stated are being kept to the lowest we can offer.
  • Strictly NO bargaining of prices with us.

Do the prices stated include postage as well?

  • No, postage will be collected separately after items arrived.

Does the album count in the charts?

  • Japan Albums bought from us contributes to the Oricon Music Charts while Korean Albums contributes to the Hanteo Charts.

Why is it taking so long for my items to arrive?

  • Items take around 1-2.5 weeks to arrive after the batch is closed.
  • There may be unforeseen circumstances where parcels are delayed by singpost, by natural disasters or korea public holidays.
  • It could also be due to the item being out of stock, hence the supplier is taking longer to ship the items to us.
  • DO NOT order if you can’t wait as parcels need time to be shipped to Singapore.

Can I get a refund?

  • Refunds will only be made if item(s) are out of stock.

Can I make changes to my order?

  • There will be strictly no exchanges of orders once it has been placed.
  • Changes can only be made if you have not made payment.

My item is damaged. Can I get a refund or exchange?

  • There will not be any refunds or exchange should there be any defects or mishandling during shipping.

Can I cancel my order?

  • Only if you have not made payment, we allow you to cancel your orders.

What if the item i want is OOS after I’ve placed an order?

  • We’ll email you to inform you and refund you accordingly.

Your meet-up locations are too far, can I opt for postage instead?

  • Yes. However postage will be done as soon as our schedules allow us to do so. If you really cannot wait or wants to collect the item urgently, please opt for meet-ups instead.

I’m from overseas and I want to purchase something from you, is that possible?

  • Yes. As long as you are able to make payment via PayPal and willing to pay shipping fees, we will ship it over for you.

How do I know if my items arrived?

  • E-mails will be sent out to notify you of collection. You can also check our twitter @madewblue_ for updates
  • Check e-mails regularly for collection notices.

Can you please text me regarding ___?

  • Texts will not be entertained unless it is regarding meet-up.

Are the items sold on your blog authentic?

  • All items sold on our wordpress are 100% authentic and not fanmade or unofficial, otherwise stated. YG goods are ordered directly from YGeshop.

The item I wish to order is not found in your blog. What should I do?


Where do you normally do meetups?

  • Cityhall/ Clementi/ Bukit Panjang/ Choa Chu Kang on Saturdays. Weekdays are available according to our schedule.

What if I’m unable to make it for the meet-up at the last minute?

  • Please inform us at least 2 hours before the meet-up. In the event that you fail to inform us at least 2 hours before the meet-up, your item/order will be confiscated. 

Will you be giving me a carrier for my items?

  • No. Please bring suitable carriers for the items you’re collecting.

Will my posters be given in a poster tube?

  • No, poster tubes are not provided for those who are collecting their items through meet-up. We do not have many poster tubes and need to keep it for those who opt for postage.

How do I identify you during a meet-up?

  • Contact numbers will be given to you after confirmation of meet-up. Otherwise, it’ll be stated clearly in the email where the exact location is.

I’m not available for the meet-up you’ve stated. Can you meet me another day?

  • Yes. Either wait for the next meet-up or arrange another day with us separately.


Why is the postage fee paid by me more expensive than what I thought?

  • Postage prices include materials fee and the cost of a poster tube.

Will my posters be rolled or folded?

  • All posters will be put in a poster tube unless you opt for it to be folded.

How are postage fees calculated?

  • We use the postage calculator on the Singpost to estimate the cost.

I requested for postage but my parcel/items have not arrived!

  • We’ll track for you if it is via registered postage. However, if it is via normal postage, we can’t help you. For normal postage, we will not be held responsible for lost mail, as it untraceable.

Which postage method should I opt for?

  • Registered postage is highly recommended, as you are able to track the items. If you still prefer normal postage, that will be fine with us.

If I opt for registered postage, how do I track my parcel?

  • We’ll email you the tracking number after we’ve mailed out the items.

Which postage method should I choose?

  • Normal postage: Cheapest option, No tracking number.
  • Registered postage: Comes with a tracking number, Delivered to door-step.
  • Courier: Fastest option, comes with tracking number, Delivered to door-step.


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