Step 1: Fill up the order form here.

Step 2: Wait for an email from us regarding payment (usually sent within 24-72 hours after you submitted the order form).

Step 3: Make payment before preorder deadline (stated on homepage) and reply via email with relevant details (transaction date, transaction amount, ibanking nick (if applicable), no reference number is required.)

Step 4: A confirmation email regarding payment received will be sent to you.

Step 5: Double check your orders on the order & payment status page. Any errors or incorrect information, please inform us asap. (We may not update it immediately however if anything is incorrect for more than a day, please inform us).

Take note of the following details:

  1. Orders will only be made after payment is in.
  2. Items will take about 1-2.5 weeks to arrive. Please avoid asking us when the items will arrived.
  3. Updates will be posted on twitter regarding items arrival and thereafter updated in the order & payment status page. After which, an email regarding collection will be sent via email to you.


  1. POSB Transfer / I-Banking
  2. Cash Deposit (either through the bank or the cash acceptance machine, strictly no coin deposit machine)
  3. PayPal (An invoice will be issued to ensure that we are not liable for any PayPal transaction fees)


  • For faster updates of arrival of items, follow us on twitter @madewblue_
  • Collection methods will be via meet-up (Cityhall/Clementi/Jelapang/ Choa Chu Kang) or postage (Registered/Normal/Courier).
  • Overseas customers can opt for registered airmail or normal airmail.
  • If you are unable to attend the meet up at the last minute, please inform us at least 2 hours before the meet up time. Otherwise, your item/order will be confiscated.
  • Please collect all items within 3 months from the 1st collection email.


  • Contact numbers will be given to you after confirmation of meet-up.
  • Please do not circulate our numbers to other, please respect our privacy.


  • We only collect postage fees after items have arrived hence a 2nd payment is needed if you’re opting for postage (applicable to both local & overseas customers).
  • We will not be held responsible for any lost mail via normal mail, as it is untraceable.
  • Registered postage is highly recommended, as you are able to track the items.
  • Postage prices includes material fees.
  • Posters will be sent in poster tubes unless you opt for it to be folded.




  1. Contact number… is that as in our cell phone numbers?? O.o orrr…

    I live in the US and can’t take international calls…

  2. I live in USA and it says ready for collection??
    does that we need to collect our thing near a post office or it will be mailed in the address given by us?

  3. I went to check the order status and it states that order is ready for collection. But if i go onto your twitter, I don’t see updates saying that it has arrived or neither did I get emails from you informing me that it has arrived.

    Can I know if the Mr. Mr. photocards and postcard have arrived?

    1. Hi, we’ve already updated both the status page and our twitter regarding the arrival of goods last night. if it is ready for collection, you will receive an email by tonight.

  4. Hi! May I know how the posters will be passed to us if we’re collecting our items through meetup? I noted that there won’t be poster tubes given – does that mean they will be folded?

      1. Oh I see! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that – sorry for the question, and thank you for your prompt reply! 🙂

    1. Sorry all payments have to be made in Singapore Dollars (SGD). we do not do any conversions for you, you have to find out what’s the conversion rate for your home currency. And we only accept paypal for overseas payment.

  5. Hi, i hav order but i choose my payment mode to be through paypal. Is that only available for overseas payment? If so, can i change my mode of payment?

    1. Hi, payment via paypal is available for everyone not only overseas customers. However, there will be a transaction fee charged by paypal therefore if you’re not an overseas customer, you should use bank transfer or cash deposit to avoid paying the additional fee 🙂

      1. Then can i change my mode of payment? How do i pay through bank transfer …wats ur bank a/c no.?

  6. Hi, I’m from Australia and I wanna know what will be the kind of payment like the one at ebay? and what do you mean by “Registered Postage?

    1. Hi, for overseas customer we’ll send invoice via paypal and you can pay through paypal via a credit or debit card. registered postage means that there is a tracking number for your package, and you will be able to track your items after we’ve mailed it.

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